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Project Description
This is a repository for US Census Data for SQL Server 2008 with spatial information. Some of the data that is and will be included will be for states, counties, cities, and zip codes. The project will be updated as the data is available in SQL Server 2008 format.

Please note that this tables contain geometry data types made for the "Flat Earth Model."

Data downloaded from and imported using the SQL Server 2008 Spatial Tools ( by Morten Nielsen

City table is now available!

After downloading the files I recommend installing them through SQLCMD because the files are too big to open in an editor. The command line I use is:
sqlcmd -S ServerName -d DatabaseName -U UserName -P Password -i "FileName"
sqlcmd -S localhost -d MyDatabase -U MyUser -P MyPassword -i "c:\dbo.table.state.sql"

Sample Data:



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